June 2024

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. Unless otherwise specified, the updates apply to England, Scotland and Wales.

Alcoholic beverages, spirits and food
Bluetongue (E)
Bovine viral diarrhoea
Buying and selling livestock (S&W)
Calves at market (E)
Cigarette lighter refills
Classical swine fever (E)
Cleansing and disinfection of vehicles (E)
Company and business names
Composition of products containing meat
Construction products
Credit and other financial matters
Crossbows, air weapons and imitation firearms (S)
Deer carcase and offal disposal (E)
Disposal of surplus food (E)
Fallen stock and the disposal of animal by-products (E)
Food chain information (E)
Food contact materials
Food labelling for caterers (S)
Food sampling by authorised officers
Foot-and-mouth disease
Horse passports (E)
Jam and similar products
Labelling of meat: country of origin
Labelling of prepacked foods: ingredients list (S)
Labelling of sweets
Language requirements for food labelling
Livestock transport vehicles (E)
Mileage of used vehicles
Mixing feed on-farm (E)
Motor vehicle servicing and repairs
New and second-hand prams and pushchairs
New nightwear
Novel foods (including CBD and hemp) (S)
Recreational craft (boats etc)
Online reviews and endorsements
Sandwich labelling
Schmallenberg virus (E&W)
Single-use plastics (this guide has been combined with the 'Microbeads' guide, which has been deleted)
Small bakers and average weight
Trading Standards: powers, enforcement and penalties (S)
Transporting livestock by road: paperwork (E)
Writing a returns policy