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Industry standards

PAS 2035/2030: Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency. Specification and guidance.

A PAS document is similar to a British standard. The most recent update to the documents for this sector combine two PAS documents into one.

PAS 2030 is the industry specification to which all energy efficiency installers must be certified under and be compliant with when carrying out energy efficiency measures under Government initiatives such as ECO.

PAS 2035 is a specification for what is called 'whole-house' or 'whole building' retrofit. This is an approach to the installation of energy efficiency measures that takes into account the requirement of the entire building, both from a technical standpoint and considering factors like occupancy comfort.

Green Claims Code

In 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority published CMA Guidance on Environmental Claims on Goods and Services (the 'Green Claims Code'). The purpose of this guidance is to help businesses understand and comply with their existing obligations under consumer protection law when making environmental claims.

The guidance sets out six principles (with explanations and examples), which are designed to help businesses comply with the law.

"The principles are:

  • claims must be truthful and accurate
  • claims must be clear and unambiguous
  • claims must not omit or hide important relevant information
  • comparisons must be fair and meaningful
  • claims must consider the full life cycle of the product or service
  • claims must be substantiated"

CMA consumer guidance

In May 2023, the CMA published Buying Green Heating and Insulation Products: A Consumer Guide.

This guide covers the following key stages of the consumer's journey when buying these products:

  • before the consumer buys
  • when they have decided to buy
  • installation of the product(s)
  • post-installation
  • what to do if something goes wrong

For more information see the case page, which includes full information on all of the CMA's work in this area, including the findings from its call for information on consumer protection in the green heating and insulation sector.

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