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Self-assessment checklist

When selling 'at a distance' I…

In full =
score 3

In part =
score 2

Not at all =
score 0

Provide a clear description of the goods I'm selling      
Provide my details (or my trading name), address, phone number, email address, etc      
Provide the total price of the goods that the customer is expected to pay, including VAT and delivery charges (where applicable)      
Make it clear how payments may be made      
Make delivery arrangements clear. If cost varies according to distance or method of sending, then cost is shown separately to cost of goods (or customer can easily see options)      
State delivery times clearly and these are 'without undue delay' or I make it clear that delivery time is longer - for example, 'delivery takes up to 6-8 weeks'      
Specify postcodes that will take longer      
Specify additional costs for particular postcodes only when absolutely necessary, so as not to discriminate against those living in remote locations      
Clearly publish complaints-handling policy      
Clearly publish cancellation rights      
Explain how goods may be returned and the customer's role/cost of this      
State that if a customer exercises their right to cancel, reimbursement will be made within 14 days of the goods being received back      
Choose my courier/postal arrangements carefully, ensuring that the deliverer understands their role and liabilities (for example, following delivery instructions)      
Choose my courier/postal arrangements carefully, so that customers have the best user-experience possible (for example, alternative delivery locations, parcel tracking etc)      
Choose a courier/postal arrangements with environmental options in mind, such as the use of electric vehicles, route optimisation, carbon offsetting, etc)      
Encourage the customer to contact me (the trader) if delivery fails and contact details are provided for this      
Will tell the customer if I cannot meet the delivery timescale agreed and the customer may cancel their order because of this, if they wish      
Will fully refund a customer within 30 days if the goods are faulty, damaged or misdescribed. After 30 days, I will offer a repair or replacement (or a refund, if repair or replacement isn't possible)      
Publish my target and actual response times for responding to customer complaints      
Offer a gesture of goodwill when things go wrong      

Max score (20 questions at 3 points each) = 60 points

How did you do?

50 - 60   TIP TOP TRADER, good work!
31 - 49   SO-SO SELLER - good effort, is there more you can do?
0 - 30     OOPS… there might be a few legal requirements here that you are missing

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