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This best practice guide is written for traders who sell goods online and send them by post or courier to the individual consumer (the customer) for their own personal use. This is known as 'B2C' (business to consumer) selling.

The guide sets out legal requirements and best practice tips for great customer service, covers key aspects and FAQs, and contains a self-assessment checklist for traders.

It is designed to help businesses develop and maintain standards that will enhance customer experience, a key ingredient for successful business.

Part 1 summarises the minimum legal requirements traders should meet. A 'Key aspects and FAQs' section helps to explain things further.

Part 2 focuses on extra things traders could do to achieve even better customer service.

Part 3 contains a checklist of the key points, providing traders with a quick and easy way to self-assess their performance and plan improvements, where necessary.

> Part 1: Legal requirements - the basics

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