In this section

The matters include:

  • the existence or nature of the product
  • the main characteristics of the product
  • the extent of the trader's commitments
  • the motives for the commercial practice
  • the nature of the sales process
  • any statement or symbol relating to direct or indirect sponsorship or approval of the trader or the product
  • the price or the manner in which the price is calculated
  • the existence of a specific price advantage
  • the need for a service, part, replacement or repair
  • the nature, attributes and rights of the trader
  • the consumer's rights or the risks he may face

The main characteristics of the product include:

  • availability of the product
  • benefits of the product
  • risks of the product
  • execution of the product
  • composition of the product
  • accessories of the product
  • after-sale customer assistance concerning the product
  • the handling of complaints about the product
  • the method and date of manufacture of the product
  • the method and date of provision of the product
  • delivery of the product
  • fitness for purpose of the product
  • usage of the product
  • quantity of the product
  • specification of the product
  • geographical or commercial origin of the product
  • results to be expected from use of the product
  • results and material features of tests or checks carried out on the product

Note: “product” means goods or service

The nature, attributes and rights of the trader, including the trader's –

  • identity
  • assets
  • qualifications
  • status
  • approval
  • affiliations or connections
  • ownership of industrial, commercial or intellectual property rights
  • awards and distinctions

The 'consumer's rights' include:

rights the consumer may have under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, including in particular the consumer’s rights to enforce terms about goods, the right to a repair or replacement, the right to a price reduction or the final right to reject.

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