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    In summary:

    1. ADR can be a powerful way of resolving disputes quickly and without recourse to the courts
    2. While it is not mandatory, many trade bodies require their members to join ADR schemes
    3. ADR schemes are audited for approval by competent authorities in their relevant fields

    All traders except those in a very small sector providing health services must, at the point that a dispute with a consumer reaches deadlock, supply the name and website address of an approved ADR provider in the appropriate sector, and indicate if they will engage in the ADR process. This must be provided to the consumer in a durable form.

    Traders who are obligated to use ADR by a code of conduct through membership of a trade body or a further law must also provide the name and website address of the ADR provider or scheme on their own website (if they have one) and as part of their general contract terms.

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