1. Food labelling for caterers - In-depth Guide

    The essentials of food labelling for restaurants, takeaways, etc, including some commonly misdescribed examples.

  2. Food labelling for butchers - In-depth Guide

    The food-labelling essentials that a butcher needs to know, including composition of meat products.

  3. Food labelling for bakers - In-depth Guide

    The food-labelling essentials that a baker needs to know, including meat pies and sausage rolls.

  4. Labelling of prepacked foods: general - In-depth Guide

    General labelling requirements for packaged food products.

  5. Food labelling for greengrocers - In-depth Guide

    The essentials of food labelling for the greengrocer, including the use of variety and organic.

  6. Labelling of non-prepacked foods - In-depth Guide

    Non-prepacked foods (those that are sold loose, prepacked for direct sale, or packaged at the request of the consumer) have fewer labelling requirements than  ...

  7. Food labelled in a foreign language - In-depth Guide

    EU Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers states that, where labelling is required, it should be "in a language easily ...

  8. Food & drink - Quick Guide

    The law sets out what is required to be shown on food packaging. This is to allow the consumer to ...

  9. The retail sale of pet food - In-depth Guide

    The pet food must be labelled with both the general mandatory labelling requirements and specific mandatory labelling requirements.

  10. Labelling of sweets - In-depth Guide

    The requirements for the labelling of sweets, including the specific rules for ... ( prepacked means food that is completely or partially enclosed in packaging, ...