Video guide for mobile phone repair businesses

Businesses that offer mobile phone repair services need to ensure that they comply with the Consumer Rights Act, and we have created a video guide to help.

In addition to addressing some of the common pitfalls in the mobile repair industry, the video highlights useful areas of the Business Companion website.

It comes as Citizens Advice publishes Consumer Advice Trends registering 23,667 complaints regarding media devices and repairs in the last year.

Adrian Simpson, CTSI's business education and consumer codes expert, said: "Mobile phones and other media devices play an integral role in modern life, and it's essential that consumers' issues are dealt with professionally.

"Repair businesses have a duty of care towards their customers, and must ensure they're abiding by consumers laws.

"Trading standards can be daunting to even the most experienced businesses, but our Business Companion videos and website are designed to make important consumer rights information up-to-date and accessible to everyone."