Underage sales put consumers & businesses at risk

Underage sales continue to pose an issue for trading standards services, as children as young as 13 are still able to buy knives in London shops, according to London Trading Standards.

It was also found that almost one third of test purchases for nicotine inhaling products resulted in underage sales, the latest Tobacco Control Survey report from CTSI showed. The survey also showed that a staggering 84% of councils in England have undertaken activities relating to underage sales.

Businesses must ensure they have strict, law-abiding systems in place to stop sales of age-restricted products, says the Chartered Trading Standards institute (CTSI).

Chief Executive at CTSI, Leon Livermore, said: "Age-restrictions exist to protect the young and vulnerable. It's in businesses' own interests that they comply with restrictions and protect consumers."

Products ranging from alcohol and nicotine to knives and explosives come with age restrictions designed to protect young consumers from the potential of serious harm. Businesses that sell age-restricted products must have robust systems in place, including staff training, to ensure underage sales do not occur.

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