March 2021

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. Unless otherwise specified, the updates apply to England, Scotland and Wales.

Antiques and antiquities
Avian influenza (bird flu)
BSE testing of cattle
Business-to-business marketing
Casualty slaughter for farmers and hauliers
Cattle keepers and livestock shows (E)
Cattle that have been refused passports
Cleansing and disinfection of vehicles
Consumer contracts: distance sales
Energy Performance Certificates (E&W)
Farm animal transport journey times (E&S)
Food labelled in a foreign language (E&W)
Food labelling for bakers (E&W) *
Food labelling for butchers (E&W) *
Food labelling for greengrocers (E&W) *
Food sampling by authorised officers (E&W) *
Home slaughter of cattle
Horse passports (E)
Livestock transport vehicles (E)
Imported feed and food controls
Intellectual property
Labelling of honey (E&W)
Labelling of non-prepacked foods (E&W)
Labelling of prepacked foods: general (E&W)
Labelling of prepacked foods: ingredient list (E&W) *
Nutrition and health claims (E&W)
Package travel and holidays
Poultry at markets: handling and transport
Registration and records of poultry (E)
Requirements for cattle identification
Sandwich labelling (E&W)
Second-hand upholstered furniture
The keeping and movement of pigs (E)
The retail sale of pet food
The sale of solid fuel and wood fuel
The welfare of animals during transport
Transporting horses by road
Transporting livestock by road: paperwork
Writing a returns policy

* The English and Welsh versions of these guides have been combined; if you were 'watching' the W version, you will need to click 'Watch for updates' again.