January 2023

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. Unless otherwise specified, the updates apply to England, Scotland and Wales.

Crossbows, air weapons and imitation firearms (S)
Exporting animals (W)
Livestock markets (W)


The following guides have not been updated, but they have been renamed so that the titles reflect the products involved rather than the trade.

Labelling of bread, cakes and similar products (renamed from 'Food labelling for bakers')
Labelling of fish (renamed from 'food labelling for fishmongers')
Labelling of fruit and vegetables (renamed from 'Food labelling for greengrocers')
Labelling of meat and products containing meat (renamed from 'Food labelling for butchers')
Weighing and measuring fish (renamed from 'Weights and measures for fishmongers')
Weighing and measuring fruit and vegetables (renamed from 'Weights and measures for greengrocers')
Weighing and measuring meat (renamed from 'Weights and measures for butchers')