February 2022

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. Unless otherwise specified, the updates apply to England, Scotland and Wales.

African horse sickness (W)
Anthrax (W)
Egg producers selling directly to consumers (E&W)
Foot-and-mouth disease (E&W)
Home slaughter of cattle (S)
Home slaughter of sheep (S)
Keeping veterinary medicine records (E&W)
Labelling of footwear
Labelling of poultry and other meats (E&W)
Labelling of sweets (E&W)
Letting agents and property management (S)
New upholstered furniture
Packaged goods: average quantity
Part-worn tyres
Second-hand electrical goods
Second-hand gas cooking appliances
Supplying surplus food and co-products as feed (W)
The sale of alcohol in licensed premises
The sale of solid fuel and wood fuel (this guide has been split into separate versions for the different countries; if you were 'watching' it, please check whether it still appears under 'My watched items' in 'My Profile' and watch again if necessary)
Unsafe goods: liability