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Trading standards and consumer protection laws look at three broad factors:

What and where you sell or trade

For example, a plumber supplies goods and services off-premises. A licensed corner shop sells age-restricted products on-premises. An accountant may supply services that are sold online.

How you treat your customers

All consumer-facing businesses must comply with rules on unfair trading, pricing and contracts, including when you must give a refund, or offer a repair or replacement.

Specific business activities

Trading standards legislation also covers topics such as product safety, food composition and hygiene, animal welfare and feedingstuffs as well as certain aspects of running your business.

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If you are in any doubt about your legal responsibilities with regard to the topics on this site and would like more guidance, start by getting in touch with your local trading standards service; you can find their contact details by using the search tool on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website.

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