November 2019

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. The countries to which these updates apply are shown in brackets.

Alcoholic beverages, spirits & food (E,W)
Bovine tuberculosis (S)
Bovine viral diarrhoea (S)
Buying & selling livestock (S)
Fallen stock & the disposal of animal by-products (S)
Food labelling for fishmongers (E,W)
General product safety: distributors (ALL)
General product safety: producers (ALL)
Horse passports (ALL)
Labelling of prepacked foods: product name (E,W)
Labelling of sweets (E/W)
Microbeads (ALL)
Mixed contracts (ALL)
Novelty, decorative & ornamental giftware (ALL)
Plastic cotton buds (S) (new guidance)
Primary Authority (ALL) (previously named 'Primary Authority & Home Authority')
Sky lanterns (ALL)
Toys (ALL)
Video recordings & games for sale & hire (ALL)
Writing a returns policy (ALL)

Note: this list does not include the post-Brexit guidance.