May 2018

The following In-depth Guides have been reviewed and updated where necessary. The countries to which these updates apply are shown in brackets.

Accurately describing products (ALL)
Bovine tuberculosis (S)
Casualty slaughter for farmers & hauliers (S)
Colours in food (E)
Consumer protection from unfair trading (ALL)
Cosmetic products (ALL)
Crossbows, air weapons, etc (S)
Digital content (ALL)
Food labelled in a foreign language (E,W)
Food labelling for caterers (E)
General product safety: producers (ALL)
Genetically modified foods (E,W)
Labelling of footwear (ALL)
Jam & similar products (E,W)
Letting agents (S)
Poultry at markets: handling & transport (W)
Toys (ALL)
Transporting horses by road (S)

'Genetically modified foods: Q&A' has been combined with 'Genetically modified foods' and deleted.