Leaving the EU: the law from January 2021


The United Kingdom has left the European Union (EU) and the post-Brexit transition period ended on 31 December.

If your business is involved in importing or exporting goods (which includes importing from and exporting to the EU) you may wish to consult the Government guidance. There is also UK Government guidance on moving goods into, out of and through Northern Ireland.

Useful information on Northern Ireland and the EU, including the Northern Ireland Protocol, can be found on the NI Direct / TÉ Díreach website.

Last year, we created separate versions of a number of In-depth Guides so that we could cover both current law and the law as it would be after the end of the transition period. Now that the transition period has ended, the two versions have been combined and the duplicates deleted; the list below shows the combined guides.

Note: although the United Kingdom has left the European Union, certain EU laws (known as 'retained' laws) will still apply until such time as they are replaced by new UK legislation; this means that you will still see references to EU legislation in our guidance.


UK-EU trade agreement
The UK Government has finalised a number of agreements with the European Union, including a trade agreement. More >

Businesses urged to prepare for the end of the transition period
Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has written to over 600,000 firms across the UK, urging them to prepare for the changes that will occur from 1 January 2021. More >


Alternative dispute resolution (ALL)
Construction products (ALL)
Consumer contracts: distance sales (ALL)
Cosmetic products (ALL)
Electrical equipment (ALL)
Electrically assisted pedal cycles (ALL)
Energy rating information (ALL)
E-scooters (ALL)
Fireworks (ALL)
Food labelled in a foreign language (E,W)
Foot-and-mouth disease (ALL)
General product safety: distributors (ALL)
General product safety: producers (ALL)
Hallmarking (ALL)
Horse passports (ALL)
Imported feed and food controls (ALL)
Intellectual property (ALL)
Internet auction sites and marketplaces (ALL)
Labelling of beef (E,W)
Labelling of honey (E,W)
Labelling of poultry and other meats (E,W)
Labelling of prepacked foods: general (E,W)
Labelling of textiles (ALL)
Manufacturing your own pet foods (ALL)
Mini motos, off-road vehicles, etc (ALL)
Novelty, decorative and ornamental giftware (ALL)
Packaged goods: average quantity (ALL)
Package travel and holidays (ALL)
Product safety: due diligence (ALL)
Tobacco etc: packaging, labelling, advertising and tracking (ALL)
Toys (ALL)
Weighing equipment for legal use (ALL)